Opera Promo



Saturday, June 14th, 2015. 7:30pm

An Opera in Concert
Featuring the voices of Stellaria
Ryan Goetz, pianist; Geronimo Mendoza, English Horn; Ben Kinsman, French Horn;
Derrick Christian, Conductor
Miracle Flight 571
The true story of Nando Parrado from his book Miracle in the Andes.
In 1972, a plane carrying a rugby team from Uruguay crashed high in the Andes leaving many passengers alive.  This is the true story of Nando Parrado, who with Roberto Canessa, trekked from the glacier at 12,000 feet to find safety and rescue for the remaining survivors still on the glacier.
Seventy-two days after the crash,  14 more survivors were airlifted to safety.
Parrado’s story is one of friendship and perseverance overcoming tragedy: “I would live from moment to moment and from breath to breath, until I had used up all the life I had… each step I took was a step stolen back from death.
The music is rich and full of harmony, dissonance and rhythmic drive capturing Nando’s and Roberto’s determination to survive the unforgiving harshness of their surroundings.