Orchestra with Soloist(s)

The Woman I Am (2011) 14 min

Text: five poems by Dorothy Livesay

Soprano & orchestra


Moth Poem (2011) 5 min 30 sec

Text: five poems by Robin Blaser

Baritone & string quartet (2010); baritone & orchestra (2011)


Song for Marshall McLuhan (1986)

Text: from War and Peace in the Global Village by Marshall McLuhan

Bass-baritone, SATB, /2222/4431/synthesizer, timpani/strings

Commissioned by the Canada Pavilion for the Opening Ceremony, Expo 86

Premiere: April 30, 1986; Canada Pavilion at Expo 86; Tom Graff, baritone; Jeremy Wilkins, synthesizer; National Youth Choir; Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Jon Washburn, conductor


David (1977) 26 min

Text: Earle Birney

Boy soprano, tenor, baritone, SA(children), SATB, /424 alto saxophone(2), tenor saxophone, 2/4331/timpani, percussion, 3 guitars(electric and acoustic)/strings/ prepared tape

Commissioned by CBC Radio and North Vancouver Drama Educators Association

Premiere: November 5, 1977, Vancouver; Lloyd Burritt, conductor