Electric Chair (1971) 7 min

Actress, alto saxophone, tape

Commissioned by Ken Dorn, San Diego

Premiere: 1971, San Diego, California; Ken Dorn, saxophone; Sherry Dorn, actress


Electric Soul (1970) 4 min

Tape for dancers

Commissioned by Byran Gillingham, choreographer for THE 5th DIMENSION, New York City


Acid Mass (1970)  75 min

SATB (12), dancers (4), film, Zeis-Jena projector & tape

Commissioned by National Film Board of Canada

Premiere: June 30, 1969, Vancouver; UBC Chamber Singers; SFU dancers; Luis Pose, choreographer; NFB, Doug Eliuk, film maker; Vancouver Planetarium Zeis-Jena projector, David Rodger, planetarium director