Concert Band

Crystal Earth Suite (1987) 9 min 45 sec

I – Awakening;  II – Window of Light;  III – Stepping Stones;  IV – Crystal Earth.
Text: Quetzalcoatl prophecies and Mayan calendar system

Soprano, SATB & concert band

Premiere: October 24, 1988, North Vancouver; Aviva Lacterman, soprano; Lloyd Burritt, conductor


Gabriola Gambol (1998) 5 min

Symphonic Winds

Commissioned by Wayne Jefferies, Kwantlen University

Premiere: 1998, Kwantlen Symphonic Winds, Wayne Jefferies, conductor


Overture for Concert Band (2001) 5 min

Arrangement of Symphonic Overture (1980)

Concert band

Commissioned by the West Vancouver Youth Band

Premiere: March 9, 2002, West Vancouver; West Vancouver Youth Band, Douglas Macaulay, conductor

Download sample score (pdf)


Rocky Mountain Grasshopper (1971)

Concert version of Cicada (1970)

SATB, concert band, tape

Premiere: May 27, 1971, North Vancouver; Lloyd Burritt, conductor